Chase N Dreams ranch is located in Northern New Mexico. We own and train race, barrel and rope horses. Tyrel has worked years to gather a great herd of broodmares and in 2014 we proudly partnered with RQF Performance Horses in Choteau, Montana. RQF Performance horse stand Royal Quik Frenchman a 2004 gray stallion by Royal Quick Dash X Pcfrenchmanslisbet. RQF Performance Horses runs our 5 broodmares (Viva La Bam, Purrfect Eve, TC Black Velvet, Ought To Be Fabulous & Rebecca Lynn) and every other year we get to breed our mares to the stallion of our choice for us to keep the foals.  

    Sense we made the move to New Mexico in 2010 Chase N Dreams Ranch has joined The New Mexico Horse Breeders Association. This group promotes the breeding and racing of American Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds in the state. Established in 1961, this non-profit corporation has served as the backbone to an agricultural industry that is a long-standing tradition in New Mexico. The NMHBA also serves as the official registry for New Mexico bred horses. It also administers a legislative-mandated incentive fund, which encourages the expansion of the industry and improves the quality of performing athletes. More than ever, horses bred in New Mexico are competitive on a national level and are internationally recognized for their accomplishments.

    Our goal is to raise top notch race, barrel and rope prospects. We hope that someday we will be the proud owner or breeder of an All-America Futurity Race winner. The All American Futurity is the Quarter Horse race that every owner, breeder, trainer and jockey wants to win. Run over 440 yards every Labor Day, the All American Futurity gained its lofty status through unique financial cooperation between track and horsemen. Ruidoso Downs contributes "added money" to start the race's purse, and then horse owners make payments to keep their young horses eligible. Many of these payments are made before the horse ever starts in a race. This system made the All American Futurity the world's first $1-million race for any breed of horse and enabled the All American to become the first $2-million race in Quarter Horse racing. Now the All American Futurity has a purse of $2.4 million and is the richest race for a two-year-old of any breed in North America. 
     The ranch has 2 different brands, the long-standing butterfly brand and the shooting star brand. Some horses wear both brands, other horses only wear one brand. The great butterfly brand is worn on the right hip and was passed down to Tyrel from his grandpa Earl McConnell. That brand has been in the family for over 80 years and was originated out of Gillette, WY. Tyrel was born and raised in Loomis, WA., where his passion for horse racing began and grew. Tyrel started racing horses at the age of 10. By the time he was 20, he finally got his first recognizable horse, Winnin Onya. The shooting star brand is worn on the right shoulder and was originated out of Marysville, WA. where Ashley was raised. Ashley created that brand after a tragic accident took the life of her cousin, Chase A. Roodzant at the age of 17. She now "Chase N Dreams" in memory of Chase. Ashley started riding when she was 11 and was introduced into the world of barrel racing. By the age of 13 she finally got her first horse. Since then she has been training many of her own horses and some outside clients. At the age of 18 she got her first recognizable horse, Explosive Song.

    Right now our facility has a total of 47 acres. We have 1 outdoor arena that’s 80 X 100 and round pen. Other structures include a large steel open barn with 10 good size covered pens and a smaller covered arena in the center of it. We have multiple outside pastures and a few smaller outdoor pens. 

    At Chase N Dreams Ranch, we support a healthy relationship and understanding between horse and rider. We recognize that each person and horse has their own personality and quirks. In doing so, we are able to focus on and promote character, talent, and personal drive within each. Our horses reach their highest potential through unique training programs tailored to each individual, highlighting strong points and building a heightened sense of confidence throughout. We do not have cattle at this time, but when we do we will be able to teach our colts to work and hunt cows. 

    We thank you for your time and invite you to browse our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We are always accepting new clients and we often have at least one or two horses for sale. 

   Happy riding!
 Tyrel Cutchie & Ashley Palm